Lorry D’Ercole

Lorry is widely known for his regular television role as Joey Valentine on E-Street, along with a host of prestigious stage work including Cats, Chicago, Miss Saigon, My Fair Lady, Summer Rain for The Sydney Theatre Company and many more. His film credits include Subterrano and Baz Lurhman’s hit film Moulin Rouge. Lorry spent several years furthering his acting skills under coaches in Los Angeles, refining his work in the Meisner and Chekhov techniques, and taking on roles in small independent films.

While remaining an actor and performer, the past twenty plus year have seen Lorry accumulate an impressive list of credits that span directing, choreography, creating and producing.

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Lorry’s performing career started at the age of sixteen in his first touring show La Cage Aux Folles directed by Authur Laurents. Since then he has appeared in many musicals, television and films, including the original cast and tours of Cats in Sydney, Melbourne, Asia and Greece, Irene, Chicago, Me & My Girl, My Fair Lady, Summer Rain for Sydney Theatre Company, Dancin’ Man, Miss Saigon, and Lazytown. Lorry featured as Embo Man in the Australian Sci Fi film Subterrano, as well as performing in Baz Lurhmann’s hit film Moulin Rouge.

Since 2016 Lorry has shot a number of short films with up and coming directors,  most notably ‘Sine Qua Non’ in 2017 which raised several thousand online hits in the first week of previewing via the SFS short film festival and is submitted to several key film festival competitions. In 2017 Lorry played the supporting lead role of ‘Leo’, a calculating lifetime mafia right-hand man in a full length feature film ‘Greed’ for JLC Productions. Greed is due out in 2019.

Lorry spent a significant amount of time in LA furthering his acting studies and appearing in several lead roles in short films as well as a pilot developed by producer Ivan Orlic.

Throughout his career Lorry has steadily worked in the performing arts industry not only as an actor but extensively as a producer, director and choreographer. See more about his creative roles in the next sections…


Lorry has extensively directed his own productions for Lorry D’Ercole Enterprises, as well as being engaged as Co-Director on the English National Theatre production of Cat In A Hat at Sydney Opera House, as Associate director on the hit show Lazytown for Andrew Kay & Associates, and director of Zirkos Kids television series for Wave Licensing International. He created and directed the mega-scale production of ‘Mighty Morph’n Power Rangers Live’, which toured 40 plus Australian cast and crew across Asia; and several concert productions to coincide with movie launches in Singapore including ‘Anastasia’ and ‘Prince Of Egypt’ for Dreamworks USA.


Lorry fell into producing in the early 1990’s when his acrobatic dance skills and production abilities inspired the licensor of Power Rangers in Asia to engage him to develop Power Rangers live shows. Since then Lorry has produced extensively in Asia, including creating and producing events for international production houses SKG DreamWorks (US), Fox (US), Levi’s, Greater Union Cinemas, BBC TV and Wave Licensing International.

In 1995 Lorry was engaged to write, direct and produce the multi-million dollar Asian tour of The Mighty Morph’n Power Rangers Live tour throughout Asia, culminating in Lorry presenting the full production at the Hong Kong Coliseum as one of the major events for the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule. In 1997 Lorry directed and staged the 21st anniversary Star Wars Exhibition Show throughout Asia for FOX USA, following which he had the pleasure of mounting a spectacularly received concert production of The Prince of Egypt under Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks). Lorry went on to produce and direct a full cast family entertainment concert of Anastasia for Fox, and a stadium theatrical action show Gransazer, based on a Japanese Tokusatsu TV superhero.

Lorry developed Jamdance in 2008 – a new theatrical production featuring an original street percussion score combined with a dynamic parkour based dance work, all performed on a specialised graffiti parkour set that Lorry designed and led construction on. The culmination of several years development, this workshop was presented to great acclaim by an invitation only audience in Sydney in 2008.

Lorry D’Ercole Enterprises (LDE) has now been producing shows and events throughout Asia for nearly 20 years, in all regions of Asia with a particular focus in Singapore. Every year LDE stages a full scale Ice Skating production in Singapore with cast, crew and custom ice rink, featuring Australian and international Olympic skaters in Stars On Ice display skating events and ice skating shows.


Lorry’s broad choreography credits extend from film to stage, TV, catwalk, corporate and cinema. These include the film The Delinquents with Kylie Minogue and Charlie Schlatter, the international award-nominated television and cinema commercial Clockwork for Halifax Banking Corporation (London), the Sydney Coca Cola Rollerblade Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, The Currency Lass for Q Theatre, Always Greener for Channel Seven, and as acrobatic consultant on ABC’s Dance Academy.

Lorry has choreographed and staged the international corporate acts The Rat Pack’s Back, the Vegas Opera Dudes and The String Angels for the Mardar Group, and The Leading Men and Jersey to Mowtown for Lovegrove Entertainment.

Over the past fifteen years Lorry has written, directed, choreographed and produced large scale entertainment for stadium and theatre tours throughout Asia, including the Mighty Morph’n Power Rangers Live which culminated in Lorry presenting the full production at the Hong Kong Coliseum as one of the major events for the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule.


Lorry has directed and co-ordinated national event entertainment including the Toyota Fleet Gala awards at Luna Park, several years large-scale events for the Australian Construction Awards in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and the National Gallery Awards at Melbourne Art Gallery, Victoria.

These events featured Lorry’s unique combination of themed entertainment, utilising dancers, actors, musical theatre singers, graffiti artists, opera singers, high-flying trapeze, acrobatic dance, and percussive drumming.

Lorry has choreographed and staged the international corporate acts The Rat Pack’s Back, the Vegas Opera Dudes, The String Angels, The Leading Men and Jersey to Motown.